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Family Law Solicitors – Child Custody Issues


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It seems you can’t read/watch the news without reading/hearing about another divorce. Recently Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow ‘consciously uncoupled’. Citing that there children were the most important aspect.

It is preferable that a divorce goes amicably and here at McCorry Connolly Solicitors we like to ensure that any dealings relating to custody challenges are amicable.

It is particularly poignant at the start of the new school year that when sharing custody to ensure that the welfare of children remains the highest priority whatever the parental situation.

The challenges of school runs, school trips, weekend access and child maintenance can be a tricky to navigate especially against an emotionally charged backdrop.

Here at McCorry Connolly Solicitors we offer advice, guidance and more importantly -solutions regarding Family Law issues.

When negotiating arrangements for child custody or contact, the general principal is to adopt a conciliatory and non-confrontational approach which would suit the child. In most cases it is more than likely the parents simply require the assistance of solicitors to resolve their issues and they are then able to continue with the child contact arrangements between themselves.

However, there are some cases where the other party is so hostile to any form of negotiation. They require the solicitor to think ahead and prepare for any eventuality. In these cases it is difficult not to get caught up in the parties’ problem which inevitably involves a pendulum of correspondence between the parties. Such scenarios need to be avoided as not only does this increase costs, but it also entrenches the parties against one another, thereby making it very difficult to reach an amicable solution.

It does however raise an interesting issue and one that affects many separated parents; should mothers automatically have child custody? What about the father’s rights to child custody? This will resonate with many in the UK who see the English judiciary persistently favouring mothers on the issue of child custody or residence as it is known in the UK.

Is it right that where both parents are equally hands on in raising their children, when the issue of child custody arises, preference is given to mothers simply because they have given birth to the child?

Although legally there is nothing preventing the father from acquiring child custody in reality it seems that the only time that the father’s right is considered for child custody is where the mother has a history of drug, alcohol abuse or mental health issues. Almost on all other occasions where both parents are equally capable of caring for their child, the mother will be regarded as the natural choice for child custody.

As you can see divorce and child custody are complex issues, but here at McCorry Connolly Solicitors we can help simplify them and any other your family law queries that you may have.

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Four Tips To Help You Grow A Business


4 Pointer To assist You Grow A Company

A couple of little steps can imply big business when it concerns growing your business.

To develop a solid framework for growth, you should look into target markets, develop a budget, implement a strong service strategy and develop a customer base.

Small- to medium-sized services represent 97 percent of all U.S. companies and usually employ less than 1,000 individuals.

Right here are 4 ways to assist your business grow from “Open for Service: One Woman’s Story of Successfully Building a Business,” from the Ladies in Company Teleclass Series produced by the Principal Financial Group ®:

1. Use staff member advantages to bring in and retain employees.

• • To be successful versus big business, owners of growing business can contend using worker benefits to their benefit. In recruiting and maintaining staff members, business owners must know how their benefits bundle (health, dental, special needs, retirement) compares to others in their area and their industry.

• • Offer a comfortable and flexible work atmosphere. For instance, provide flex days instead of sick days.

2. Work with the very best.

• • Admit that one person can not do it all.

• • Hire self-motivated employees versus individuals who need lessons in inspiration.

• • Assemble a swimming pool of skill by raising your company’s exposure at local universities by offering internships. Interview regularly.

• • Work with slowly, fire swiftly. Learn how to say “no” to workers. In a growing company, one worker not pulling his/her weight can have a domino effect and negatively effect performance and employee morale.

• • Identify staff member strengths and put them in positions where they will naturally excel.

3. Pay attention to employees.

• • Pay attention to all your workers, because you never understand where the next huge idea will certainly originate from.

• • To stimulate honest and innovative feedback from employees, create a comfortable workplace by encouraging worker feedback and contributions through business brainstorming and by fulfilling winning concepts.

4. Produce several opportunities of support.

• • Cultivate relationships with customers and coaches throughout durations of growth to assist your business grow.

• • In order to broaden your business’s competence and services, cause skill that masters the locations where you are weak.

8 Tips To Grow Your Business


Whether you’re simply starting a brand-new business or you’re seeking to grow a well established company, Feng Shui can help you. By dealing with the natural energies of the world, you can help draw opportunity and possibility to you simply by altering your environment. Right here are numerous pointers you can make use of to grow your business– no matter where you’re beginning from.

1. Look for dead things– Whether it’s plants or products that just don’t work, if you want to grow a company, you have to toss these products, repair them, or nurse them back to health. Anything that signifies death or stunted development is going to attract that unfavorable energy into your business.

2. Seeds of modification– If you like the concept of signs to represent your development, try growing seeds and then nursing them to full growth. This will certainly enable you to motivate the energy of upward activity and seeds blossoming into a completely mature plant– similar to your company. Putting in the time to water these seeds and provide for their needs will certainly help you bring that Spring energy into your company jobs.

3. Failure is not an option– Though a lot of us would state that we learn from our errors, you do not want to surround yourself with tips of your failures. Get rid of any traces of unfavorable job performances or other things that went badly in the course of your business practice. By doing this, you will certainly be surrounding yourself with positive pointers of what you have actually done well, rejecting you on to do more positive things.

4. Check out success stories– Focusing on what can take place for your company will encourage favorable energy in your everyday business life. Read success stories and publish them around your work area to remind yourself that things are possible which you might be the next success story. Or you could compose your own success story, even if it hasn’t occurred yet.

5. Examine your fears at the door– You may likewise wish to try your doorknob to see to it it’s not sticking. When you can not open your door quickly, the energy being available in and going out is suppressed. You have to see to it that your door is always working well which you can move easily from one part of your work area to the next.

6. Planning to the left– When you walk into your workspace, seek to the left back location of the space. Is this location cluttered and unpleasant or is it professional and productive? This area is where energy associated to wealth and success is concentrated, so this location needs to be as clean as possible. If there are any unfavorable products in this section, you need to eliminate them promptly.

7. Center your success– Though the middle of a room is associated with health in Feng Shui practices, you may want to understand that the health of your business can likewise apply right here. By making sure to clear this space and keep it devoid of clutter, you can motivate monetary and business health. You might also want to hang a crystal in the middle of the room to radiate energy to all corners of the room, securing your area from being stuffy and potentially unfavorable to your company objectives.

8. Leave some empty room– So frequently, we attempt to fill every corner of our houses and workplaces with things. However when we doing this, we aren’t leaving space for anything new to get in. Attempt to leave some empty area in your workplace or work area to help you motivate the energy of tourist attraction and of possibility. Since there is always room for more in your workspace, you will have the ability to have more successful ventures.

Cleaning Company Insurance – Facts You Should Know When You Are in The Market For Insurance


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Cleaning Company Insurance

Cleaning services like: carpet cleaning and laundry require some level of insurance that will help you manage some risks. Employees could also get sick or severely injured during their duty. There may be an accident that you could require a lot of cash to repair. This is where cleaning company insurance come in and covers you against some of these risks.

cleaning company insuranceIf you own or work in a cleaning company, it is recommended that you have some level of insurance to cover these risks and protect yourself. Most cleaning company insurance cover:

1. Cleaning services
2. Laundry services
3. House cleaning
4. Dry cleaning
5. Office cleaning

Cleaning insurance that adopts the progressive commercial program, may include: commercial vehicle insurance, employees’ compensation insurance and business owners policy (BOP).

A general liability policy is very important to cleaning companies. It provides cover and protection against financial liabilities and lawsuits that may be caused by accident that you may responsible for.

Employees’ compensation policy, provided through the progressive program, covers expenses that may arise from medical bills or a portion of salaries that could get lost if the worker get ill or injured in their duty.

There are a few guidelines that are considered when determine if a worker is eligible for compensation

When it comes to insurance cover provided to cleaning vehicles, there are a number of policies that are offered:

1. Box truck insurance
2. Business auto insurance
3. Pickup truck insurance
4. Truck insurance

If you are a janitorial or the owner of a cleaning company, you will be exposed to many people and financial risks as the job will take you to very many different places. You should protect yourself from some or all these risks by taking up insurance covers that will safeguard your business.

You should do some research on the policies that are available and select those that meet most of your needs. It is recommended against running a cleaning company with no insurance cover.

Networking Computers In Everyday Business Life Can Bring many Advantages


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Unique Networks provide IT Support in Essex and the South-East that SMEs can rely on to keep their computer networks up and running.

While you have an IT company set up a PC network for you it may take a few weeks, you could find that networking computers is affecting other aspects of your business. Networking computers would be a major business choice that shapes your company in multiple ways.

If you can think back to when we initially started talking about the progression of networking computers, you will faintly recall being offered a few questions:

Do you want your business to run more efficiently?
Do you want your staff to be more productive?
Do you want to serve your customers better?

These are questions that tap into virtues that determine if you are able to grow your business with computer networks. Provided you responded no to these specific questions, you are not merely verifying that you are able to benefit from networked computers, but more importantly, you confirmed your business is ripe for such an activity.

Certainly no one ever claimed that networking computers would be effortless, and certainly no one ever will. Networking computers would allow you millions of benefits and skills to utilize in business. Always remember, it would require some time to get there. Networking computers can serve an essential role in your lifestyle just by forcing you to have these good virtues.

The truth is that networking computers helps you throughout your business. That would be undeniable when you start setting up a PC network. Situations such as working on a PC, employing staff, and spending too much time at work all suggest that setting up a PC network would be beneficial. Networking computers provides many useful benefits, prior to and when you achieve your goals. pc networks

Every time you and your staff use a PC network, you will be saving a great deal of time. Basically, you are going up against yourself. The focused quality that is needed to benefit from a PC network, alternatively, enhances your overall business.

Every time you assess your business networking computers becomes your goal, you may find it easier to adopt these practices that enhance your business success.
The best thing about networking computers would be the ambitious quality that would be necessary to succeed which would make its way into other aspects of life. That causes you to become a more ambitious person overall. Every time you set up a PC network, you would be adding value to your business. This would be just one of the beneficial things of networking computers.

People who are serious about their overall business objectives will find networking computers totally worth the effort. Congratulations for taking that initial step forward toward this business growth strategy!

3 Easy Ways To Make More Money This Year


3 Easy Ways To Make More Cash This Year

Effective company owner all have one thing in common, they are never ever satisfied with sales levels. Whether you are making $10,000 a year or $1 million a year, there is always an opportunity for growth.

Development just comes when you realize it can take place. You will not grow if you are content or can not see the future possibilities for development.

Here are three simple ways that you can transform your business from the level it is at, into an earnings making device.

1. Constantly track data

This might appear obvious, but many people never do it. You ought to constantly track and collect as much info as possible. Track walk in customers, track purchases, evaulate marketing, display amount of purchases, frequent vistiors, non-buying leads, etc.

. With this knowledge you will certainly be more informed as to how you marketing dollars are doing and where you can increase manufacturing.

2. Find people you can trust

For my internet sites I have one person that writes nearly full-time for me. I can send her topics for articles or sites, and she does the research and writes well considered short articles. I can pay her ahead of time and know that she is going to be there when I need composing at the last minute.

You certainly need individuals you can trust too. These people could be your managers, family members, or simply friends who can help in a pinch.

3. Establish your interest

Often I need to take a drive through the country to bear in mind why I like exactly what I am doing. It is easy to obtain captured up in the fray of client service and deadlines, but for me the most efficient time is constantly when I run out my business aspect. Use this time away to restore your enthusiasm.

Next time you are thinking that it is not possible for your business to earn money, remember and put these 3 easy ideas into practice!