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The Business Boot Camp Blog is a platform for businesses to learn and grow their business through advice from other business owners.


The Business Boot Camp Blog – Managing People



The most valuable asset to your business is the people who work for you, but finding the time and resources to recruit the right people, keep up-to-date with employment legislation, provide training and development, and motivate your staff can be difficult.


This is where we can help – at The Business Boot Camp Blog, we offer a range of services to help you recruit and manage staff, as well as provide advice on management development and legal issues.



Staff Management

If running your business seems to take up every waking moment, it’s easy to lose sight of your most important asset – the people who work for you. And yet they actually hold the key to the future success of your business.



Business Boot Camp offers a range of services to help you:


Recruit the right people – advice on job descriptions, selection processes, interview techniques
Bring out the best – guidance on motivating your staff, setting objectives, assessing performance, rewarding excellence
Train for the future – help with identifying skills gaps, developing training programmes, promoting leadership
Get to grips with legislation – guidance on employment law, health and safety, equal opportunities, redundancy

Business Boot Camp also has business advice that is essential to your business’ success.



The following business topics are discussed on our blog:



  • How to Protect Against Misuse of Business Ownership (Ways to Protect Owner and Company When Giving, Transferring, or Selling Stock or Options to Family Members, Company Employees, and Outsiders)
  • Sample Investment Letter for Buyers to Sign


Estate Planning

  • The New Estate Tax Laws: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
  • How to Use Trusts in Your Family Planning
  • Planning Questions for Business Owners



Executives, Employees, and Sales Reps
  • Employment Contracts: Why, Who, When, and How
  • For Business Owners: Special Rules on Travel, Auto, and Entertainment Expenses
  • Employ Spouse in Proprietorship for 100% Medical Deduction



Together we’ll get the very best out of your staff.

Long term success calls for a long term commitment to your staff. We can help you to put together an overall staff strategy that’ll give you better work structures, improved communications and a highly motivated workforce – all the ingredients you need to keep your business moving forward.

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