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IT Business keeps a Clear Head

In its present form, Wavex is a very new company. Although it has been trading for five years, six months ago Wavex expanded, moved premises and now has a management team who are keen to develop its services across the UK.


Wavex provides external IT support to companies which do not have an in-house facility, or to larger companies that require some out-sourced support to compliment their own IT management team.


As Sales Director Ian Shefras succinctly puts it: “Simply put, we are here to take the stress and hassle out of IT and can deal with almost any IT-related issue problem. – whether there’s a problem with an individual PC, a user requires a secure, remote connection to their office, a virus burrows its way into company files – or the server just keeps crashing.”



New Technology Helps Broaden Business

The company utilizes what is a ground-breaking piece of network management technology called ‘NETi’. Developed by director Gavin Russell, this is a highly scalable remote monitoring and diagnostic application, which can look across all of the PC’s and servers on a client’s network simultaneously to identify and resolve IT system problems almost immediately.


“It means, amongst other things, that our speed of problem resolution is significantly increased because we can see where the problem lies deep within the network from our offices and generally don’t have to visit the client wavexto sort the problem out,” explains Ian.


But whilst they were getting their heads down developing the software, Ian was aware that they needed a trusted and experienced individual who could help them maintain a clear view of what they were doing.



A Clear View

“We didn’t want to get bogged down in the technicalities of the product and lose sight of what our potential customers need and want. I asked Richard Burton, a business adviser, to work with us so we could maintain a clear view of what it was we were offering,” says Ian.


Richard had worked with Ian as a business adviser for the past four years and was keen that his expertise should benefit Wavex.


“Richard provides a sense of perspective we might otherwise lose,” says Ian. “He can look from the outside and tell us what is more likely to work, and his wide experience of other similar-sized businesses around London definitely adds credibility to his advice. He’s a great sounding board for ideas too, and has given us useful leads in the past.”



Moving Forward

Six months after re-launching Wavex, the business is growing fast, and the directors are working closely together to further develop it and provide even more functionality for their clients.


“Ian is a forward thinking individual and has a very clear idea of the strategy the business should follow,” says Richard. “Because of this he’s easy to work with and we can concentrate on the tactical approach to business development.”


“There’s no doubt that we are a strong management team, which has helped us to develop Wavex in such a short space of time,” points out Ian. “But the input of Richard is of immense value in keeping us focussed on our customers.”