Sram NX 11 speed Groupset อะไหล่จักรยานอื่นๆ

Sram NX 11 speed Groupset อะไหล่จักรยานอื่นๆ

Sram NX 11 speed Groupset อะไหล่จักรยานอื่นๆ

Sram NX 11 speed Groupset อะไหล่จักรยานอื่นๆ
ราคา : 7800 *ราคาอัพเดทตลอดมีขึ้นมีลง


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1x X-Sync Crankset  จานหน้า 170 32 ฟัน GXP If the crank looks familiar, that’s because it’s a rebranded GX-1000 crank with a slightly different finish. The fixed 94-mil BCD spider is compatible with rings down to 28 teeth. There will be another NX-branded crank sold to bike manufacturers as OEM-only, with the same 6000-series aluminum arms and a removable spider to allow direct mount compatibility. We’d love to see aftermarket availability on a crank like that. The numbers:Crank Arm Length: 170mm BCD: 94 or Direct Mount (OEM-only)Chainline: 49, 52, 66.5mmBB Compatibility:GXP PF GXP 68/ 73mmChainring Compatibility: 28t, 30t, 32t, 34t, 36t, 38t, 40t  Weight: 680 – 780g1×11 X-Horizon Rear DerailleurThe main change from the GX derailleur is the use of stamped steel instead of aluminum on the cage and inner link of the parallelogram. The clutch bearing, b-knuckle, and outer link are the same.11-speed X-Horizon design12-tooth X-Sync pulley wheelsCompatible with all SRAM 1x drivetrainsSteel pulley bearings and cageWeight: 322g11-Speed Trigger ShifterAll SRAM’s other 1×11 shifters have Matchmaker mounts, allowing them to be mounted either to a fixed clamp, or directly to a SRAM brake lever clamp. NX is a fixed clamp. On the upside, a cable port allows tool-free cable swaps.X-Actuation 11-speed shiftingWeight: 142gPC-1110 Chain โซ่ 11 สปีดพร้อมข้อปลดเร็วAccording to SRAM, the only difference between this new 1110 chain and the rest of its 11-speed X-Sync offerings (with the exception of the XX1 chain) is finish quality. Typically this is more about corrosion resistance than strength or shift quality. With proper care, a basic chain can last just as long as something with a higher finish quality.Optimized for X-Sync rings11-speed compatible’PowerLock ConnectorSolid pinsChrome hardened treatmentWeight: 232 – 273gPG-1130 Cassette 11-42 ฟัน As stated earlier, the cassette is Shimano driver only, dictating a smallest possible cog of 11 teeth. The largest three gears are attached in one cluster while the remaining 8 are individual cogs. We’d recommend mounting to a steel driver body because cassettes with this many individual cogs tend to gouge alloy bodies.Compatible with non-XD (Shimano) driver body11 speed, 11-42t gearingCog sizes: 11t, 13t, 15t, 17t, 19t, 22t, 25t, 28t, 32t, 36t, 42tCogs on cluster: 3Weight: 538g
อัพเกรดง่ายจาก 8,9,10 สปีดโดยไม่ต้องเปลี่ยนชุดเฟรม หรือล้อ
น้ำหนักเบา 1970 กรัม
จานหน้าแบบ narrow-wide ป้องกันโซ่ตก
รองรับ อุปรณ์ อะไหล่ 11 สปีดของ Sram ทุกชิ้น(Compatible with all SRAM 1×11 drivetrains)
โม่ 8,9,10 Shimano
รองรับ โซ่ เฟือง จานหน้า 11 Speed ของ Shimano

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Sram NX 11 speed Groupset อะไหล่จักรยานอื่นๆ

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